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  • by David Baker on 03/17/2022
  • Rating:2 Star Rating: Below Average
  • Revisited Porta March 16 2022. Food still good. Service worse than before. I know staffing is tough but this is pizza it’s not fine dining. There seem to be a lot of inner restaurant territorial mess going on between runners, waiters, bar and cooks. There’s only one way to fix this and it’s easy devise a pooled tips system. The problem will disappear. You have to decide who gets a cut and how much but once that hurdle is done it’s all good. Very good pies. Very below average everything else. Especially annoying is runners who bring hot pies drop them and then literally run away without asking “do you need anything else or is this correct!?” If you do catch one to ask for hot pepper or Parmesan the response will be “I’ll need to find and tell your server”. Well y’all…. That doesn’t work!
  • by Jonathan Pepe on 01/20/2022
  • Rating:4 Star Rating: Good
  • Just as good as it's Asbury counterpart, if not better in some ways. Great pizzas, pastas, and drinks. Fun and lively atmosphere. Really recommend the roof deck in nice weather. Look out for the live music, love the downstairs room when they have a fun band.
  • by Frans Moncayo on 05/07/2022
  • Rating:5 Star Rating: Excellent
  • I really liked the atmosphere. I ate on the rooftop and it was a very cozy vibe. It’s covered and heated, which was perfect because it was raining. The pizza was absolutely delicious and the staff was super friendly. I’d go back again 😊
  • by Yung on 11/07/2021
  • Rating:5 Star Rating: Excellent
  • This was the spot! This place was absolutely amazing, I truly had a great experience in time here. The drinks were pretty cheap, And they had a live band the night I went. It was really good and I wouldn't pass it up again. Definitely going to go back sometime soon if I'm in the Jersey City area.
  • by Tom S on 11/28/2021
  • Rating:3 Star Rating: Average
  • I have been here a few times and our first visit was 5 star, great pizza, beer and pleasant service. Unfortunately at our last visit the pizza was inconsistent and lacked flavor compared to our previous visit. The pizza crust was again very good but as we were met with such poor service I doubt we will return again. (two waitresses clearly didn’t want to be there and spent most of the time on their phones in the corner)